Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Is Education for students about getting good grades or is it about learning? Right now it seems to me that education is becoming about getting a good grade, and doing well on the ACT. In some classes when teachers will put a grade to things such as homework, kids will do it just to get a score on it and they will not try to Should education be about igniting the desire to learn, or should it be about getting the degree or getting the credit for the class and just keeping a good GPA.
Here is a Ted conversation about education. The Writer Adam Burk states, "I believe that education should be an empowering process that allows and guides children to develop their passions, critical thinking, compassion, and orientation towards wisdom for timely action. "
Should education be taking this path? Could the path be changed? How can students get more out of education?
A fitting example for this is tutorials for my AVID class. The point of these is for us to find a question that we can not figure out the answer to. We write this problem down on a sheet called a "tutorial request form" we have to write down what we know and don't know about the problem and a few other in my opinion pointless pieces of information. We then get together in groups and present our problems and help each other "figure out" their question/problem, while everyone else is forced to take notes on the other persons question. At the end everyone fills out a reflection on how they think the tutorial went and what they learned. These are 40% of our total grade. Now towards the end of the year kids put no time into preparing their question and many times they pick a question that is very easily answered or they already know the answer to it. They fake their way through it and turn it in so they can get a good grade, rarely does a student in my group have a question that they genuinely want to figure out(maybe 1 out of every 10).
Another example is PRFRDs. PRFRDs are online homework problems that are commonly assigned in math classes and science classes. These are graded on whether you get the question correct or not, so you can just look up the answer on google and you can usually find the answer on some kind of forum or on websites such as Wolfram Alpha. Many students including myself will just look up the answer so they get it right and they will not take the extra time to work through it and ultimately learn it.
Why do students have low desire to learn? Can this problem be solved? Is it anything to do with our system?
Another article about how USA education is flawed
Now the education system being flawed is not me trying to use this as an excuse for me not completing assignments and getting a bad grade. It is more about the actual system and how even the kids who do all of their assignments and have a 4.0 are still not receiving the education that they deserve; one where all students can reach their full potential.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Media Ownership

Media is extremely powerful, it determines how you see the world, what is good and bad, and what is right and wrong. 84% of people think that the media does influence us according to . Before much of our news was printed on paper, more and more of news is becoming digital. Digital media is great for news companies because you can post a story immediately and everyone with a device can access the story. Media is usually used to refer to the news and news sources, but what a lot of people don't think about that the most commonly used form of media is social media. Social media is used by everyone and that's why it is so effective for delivering news to people. There is also a wider variety of sources for people to follow on digital media, so you can choose to follow what you want. But having your own choice could be delivering us inaccurate or biased. For example the subreddit /r/politics on is only viewed by people who choose to view it and the people who are using it share similar views. If you choose to view the politics subreddit and read posts for a half hour, you will be convinced that bernie sanders is going to be the front runner in the democratic party and that he is going to win the presidency, but that isn't necessarily true. Now Hillary Clinton is the front runner of the Democratic party.

Friday, May 13, 2016


News is boring, I don't like to hear about news because it is boring and negative and the only reason I l ever try to read the news is so that I know what people are talking about. Satire is not boring and that's why it is effective. Many young people like me don't have the patience to watch or read the boring old regular news but they may read satire because it is interesting. Another reason that I think satire is effective in delivering news is the fact that in satire, the journalist can talk about the hard truth and everyone laughs about it because it is supposed to be comedical.
This can bring people to the point of saying that all media should be fake, comedic and satirical, because that would be more effective and it would engage all of the listeners. I do not think that it would be the best thing to make all news satirical because then you wouldn't know who to trust if there isn't any normal media. Although it could be a smart thing to start having satirical news on a more local level, because right now the only satirical news sources cover national and international news.
And maybe eventually if satirical news starts to do well and it starts to build a good reputation, then maybe it will become a way that a lot of news sources would decide to present their news.
More people are going to listen to satire as well because it is different from mainstream media, people don't trust the media, but since satire journalists can say things that other journalists can't people trust them.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Future of Journalism

I think the future of journalism isn't going to be as high tech as everyone thinks. I don't think there will be holograms or chips in our brains, although there is a large growth with virtual reality goggles which is really cool but also a little bit scary. Even though I think that the way journalism is going to be delivered isn't going to be as high tech, I think the content of journalism will continue to get better. Journalism will become easier to use at a smaller level. In my future of journalism presentation I talked about how right now the only news you get online that is designed well and easy to use are national and global news networks. I think that local news companies will start to make better designed and easier to use websites.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Choice is something that is a very controversial topic in education. Meaning for assignments and projects, many people prefer to do what they want and the other half of people want to know exactly what to do. I think that choice (in education) good, unless people abuse it.
When I think about choices in products, I do think that more choice is better, and with everything being on the internet now, you have almost unlimited choice in buying products. To me, the first thing that comes to mind is goalie pads even though it doesn't apply to many people. When you go to a hockey shop you are limited to a few sets of pads, and if you are a full right goalie like myself you are usually limited to even fewer. So when I go to the store I could choose the size I want  but not the color and other specific options. Now I can go online and pick everything about my pad, and you aren't limited to just whats in front of you. You can customize color, style, handedness, number of straps, size, and you can even put your name on the pads. You can check out your options here. This is great for me. But unlimited choice isn't always great. We watched a video in class about choice. In the video the guy talked about how sometimes too much choice can be bad because when you have unlimited choice, then everything has to be perfect and if it isn't you may get mad about it.

Monday, February 22, 2016

What is Journalism

Journalism is any kind of writing for a newspaper, magazine, television, radio, or any form of media. Journalism is the profession of getting information that people want to or need to know, and delivering it in a professional way.

News is more and more becoming electronic, you can follow news networks' twitter and facebook feed, you can even get news on snapchat now. It may seem that eventually printing presses and TV stations will become obsolete. This goes along the lines of everything becoming electronic. We talked in class about Oculus rift, and how we are developing all of these, "futuristic devices". When you watch movies that depict the future, everything is electronic, self driving cars, holograms of people, robots that act as your servants.  Even though we could reach this point in the future, I don' this will happen. All of these electronics and gadgets would be too complicated, and too much to use.

I think of life like it is design, good design is simple, and all of these extra watches glasses and gadgets are too much to use and they aren't simple. And we aren't going to want to have all of these extra things like design. Mr McCallum used a door handle to explain this, a door handle that you stick your hand into and it attaches to your hand and you open it that way, it's cool once, but after that it just gets in the way because it is too complex. Even right now I find it too complicated to use all of these different social media sights and outlets for news. The internet just becomes too much to keep up with because everyone can use it and there is too much stuff on it, in order for me too keep up with it all I would constantly have to be on my phone, and I don't want that. This is why any kind of print, or news on the television, is good. It is simple, and it's good design for your life. It tells you what you need to know, and it doesn't become too much because it can't. Newspapers are limited to the pages in the newspaper, if they had too many then nobody would want them. Television Stations are limited to time, nobody is going to constantly watch the news, there just simply isn't enough time. If news as it is on the internet was put into a daily newspaper, then you wouldn't be able to read the whole thing or keep track of it.